Portable and Automaticly Activated Fire Extinguishers
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Firetool JE150


The JE150 packs a big punch, its lightweight and easy to use on large areas.

When you use the JE150 against a fire it is like using three 9ltr water extinguishers or three 2kg dry powder at the same time. Massive fire stopping power without the danger of secondary damage caused when using a traditional fire extinguisher.

5 year warranty on all Firetool extinguishers. 


  • Length – 240 mm
  • Diameter – 340 mm
  • Discharge Distance – 3m/10ft
  • Discharge Time – 12 secs+
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Weight – 1750g
  • Operating Temperature -20 C to 60 C