Portable and Automaticly Activated Fire Extinguishers
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Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System



Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System is designed to automatically suppress fires in small enclosed areas. During a fire, the heat degrades and melts the storage tube which contains the extinguishing agent under pressure. The heat sensitive tube is made of special plastic with stainless fittings on either end. The melted tube creates a hole and "nozzle", allowing the extinguishing agent to put out the fire.

Rated for A, B, C and E class of fires.

The Blazecut is ideal for cars, 4WDs, boats, outboard motors, tractors, mowers and switchboards, anywhere where you need 24/7 fire protection.

The BlazeCut system uses HFC-227ea or HFC-236fa, which is an extremely effective, clean and people-safe extinguishing medium. Its a modern replacement for Halon manufactured by Dupont.

The system requires no maintenance during its entire 5 year working life. It does not require any power supply for activation. It can be installed by anyone and thus no training is required for installation. The HFC agent discharges as a liquid, disperses in the form of a gas and leaves no residue after extinguishing. There are no clean-up costs. The HFC agent does not conduct electricity, corrode or cause thermal shock damage .