Portable and Automaticly Activated Fire Extinguishers
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6 Lives saved along with my Sunseeker 31 thanks to using a Firetool JE150 supplied by Firetoolsales.co.uk      Debbies story.

We were moored to a holding buoy just off Yarmouth and there were 6 of us on board.

It was in the afternoon and we had decided to have a cup of tea. I went down to the galley and lit the gas stove with a portable long gas lighter. The kettle was on and I put the lighter back into the draw as I have done on may occasions.

Fortunately I had recently purchased a JE150 from Firetoolsales.co.uk and had it on board.

After returning to the upper deck we waited for the kettle to boil, someone then noticed large volumes of smoke coming from the lower deck area and I descended to investigate whilst someone put out a mayday, we would not have been able to step off the boat as we were offshore.

I took my JE150 and approached the fire that was coming from the cutlery draw, thankfully the JE150 was more than enough to kill the fire without causing further damage. It turns out that the residual heat from the gas lighter had set the draw on fire.

In the meantime the RNLI had now arrived and escorted us back to Yarmouth where the fire brigade was waiting for us, they were astonished to see that the fire was completely out and there was no chemical mess to clear up after using the JE150.

All we had to do was to wipe down the surfaces and we were ready to go again. I have had the drawer rebuilt and thats it all over with. We were able to carry on with the day after all.

I have now purchased another 2 JE150.

I would thoroughly recommend the JE range to anyone.

Debbie Green of Hamble.