Portable and Automaticly Activated Fire Extinguishers
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Fire suppression and extinguishing systems at Firetool Sales including Blazecut

THIS WEB SITE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED, AS OUR RANGE RECEIVES A MAJOR UPDATE , WE EXPECT TO BE UP AND RUNNING BY AUTUMN 2019 Our range of fire extinguishers perfect for your home, van, workshop, classic car, caravan, motorhome and boat , we carry all types from dry powder, foam and the most amazing Firetool range


Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System

  Blazecut Automatic Fire Suppression System is designed to automatically suppress fires in small enclosed areas. During a fire, the heat degrades and melts the storage tube which contains the extinguishing agent under pressure. The heat sensitive tube is made of special plastic with stainless fittings on either end. The...

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